Monday, December 13, 2021


Hello, my fellow Trekkies. Just checking in to say that I am feeling some excitement again for writing in my universe -- not that I was never not excited, but my love for Trek does sometimes get vastly overshadowed, either by non-related projects or life in general. Right now, I'm pretty damn lucky to have any thought for anything, given the news my family got last week. 

Anyhoo, being compelled to change things up -- again, I know, lol -- has just got me thinking. Trek is on my mind again, so maybe I'll get something finished or even started soon. Until then, I've worked on the website -- giving it a new name, a new URL, updating links and even re-posting a few articles/stories. I've also updated the STEU wiki page by renaming it and updating the links there. 

I promise, this will be the last time I change the name of my universe, lol. The more I look at the banners I made for the site and Facebook, the more I think about the plans I have already for the new series, the more I feel that making this latest change was the right thing to do. After all, Star Trek: Legendary really is shaping up to be my best series yet -- there are already 60 to 70 stories planned, and I am really hoping to do even more. So why shouldn't the universe be named for the biggest and best (so far) of my work?

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