About Legendary Universe

"Legendary Universe" is a Star Trek fan fiction universe established by lifelong Trek fan Christina Moore. It features five main series and three companion series of which she is the primary author. It has its roots in a shared universe which included five other Trek writers, but when the group disbanded, she decided to carry on with the characters she had created for it. Over the years, a number of other starships and crews came into being, and on realizing she could not possibly manage one massive series spanning multiple planets, ships, and starbases, Christina decided it would be best to focus on a single starship and its crew. This focus later changed to following a single character throughout her career in Starfleet.

Not wanting all her past work to have been for nothing, the website was re-structured and all the stories were organized by ship or starbase, with each getting an individual series page. "Between the Stars" was then changed from a series title into the name of the universe as a whole, before undergoing a final change to "Legendary Universe", based on the most ambitious series, Star Trek: Legendary. This universe is considered to be one of the countless alternate realities which co-exist alongside the "Prime" universe established in the multiple series seen on television and in film (the "Kelvin timeline" is a separate alternate reality).


Co-authors and guest authors:

Jack Elmlinger
Miranda Fave
Joseph Manno
Derek O'Brien
Brydon Sinclair
Kahless of Vulcan