Star Trek: Messenger

Star Trek: Messenger is set on one of the ships in Starfleet's 11th fleet.


"Stars Above and Beyond" Verlyn Devos needs just one last pep talk from her big sister before beginning the greatest adventure of her life. (vignette, G, 2019)

"Blue Angel" In the aftermath of a devastating battle, one survivor begins the long road to recovery. (novelette, G, 2011)

U.S.S. Messenger / NCC-74831


"Acceptable Losses" The U.S.S. Messenger responds to a distress call from a fellow Starfleet ship only to find themselves embroiled in a mystery—and if they can't solve it, the danger it represents could impact the entire Alpha Quadrant. (novelette, G, 2011)

"New Life, New Civilization - Part One" Unexpected news leads the crew of the Messenger to feel uncertain about their future, and one young woman begins the next phase of her own. (novelette, PG, April 2019)

U.S.S. Messenger / NCC-78314
"New Life, New Civilization - Part Two" Tensions rise and tempers flare on the new Messenger after an inter-dimensional rift ejects an exact replica of Earth's moon into their path. Can peace be restored in time to save a pre-warp civilization—and the moon's inhabitants—from annihilation? (novelette, PG, April 2019) 

"Echoes of the Past" A follow-up of sorts to "New Life, New Civilization - Part One", Lt. Hansen discovers something unusual in the survey data from the Paulson Nebula and clashes with Lt. Cmdr. Ja-Nareth as to its significance. What she and her team discover leads back to a classified mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise! (novelette, PG-13, September 2019)

"Who I Am" Annika Hansen. Seven of Nine. Two very different people, yet actually the same person. After her confrontation with Commander Ja-Nareth, Messenger's Astrometrics Officer comes to something of a life-altering decision. (vignette, G, November 2023)

"Coming Home" While Commander McMurty solves the puzzle of rotating the Alphans' moon, another ship in the 11th Fleet finds a vessel floating in space that by all rights should not be there. Just how did it arrive, and who are the three crewmen found onboard? (novelette, G, September 2019)