Tales of the 11th Fleet

These stories are companions to Star Trek: Sanctuary, as they feature ships of the 11th Fleet as well as officers who helped keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.


"Peace Offering" A brief conversation between Admiral Tattok and Captain Synnove Natale about the upcoming mission in Cardassian space. (vignette, G, January 2011)

"On the Verge" Admiral Tattok faces off against two Cardassian commanders as well as some members of his own crew. (short story, PG, May 2011)

"Exit Strategy" The Maquis ship that escaped from Sanctuary with Starfleet officer-turned-criminal Rkasi Cen is chased down by the Columbia, and one of the prisoners shows that he still has a trick or two up his sleeve. (Columbia short story, PG, May 2011)

"Emotional Lessons" Commander Silmar's son learns valuable lessons on emotions and mistakes. (Columbia short story, G, May 2011)

"Machinations" Admiral Tattok arrives on Cardassia to find himself targeted by another admiral who appears to be after his position as commander of the 11th Fleet. (vignette, G, June 2011)

"Retaliation" The True Way movement on Cardassia makes a bold move. (short story, PG, June 2011)

"Spies, Traitors, and Secrets" Tattok makes a few changes to try and get the 11th Fleet in order. (vignette, G, June 2011)

"The Gathering of Glory" Secrets and danger lay in store for the crew of the Starship Wolfsong when they're tasked with shutting down a brutal race's vicious kidnapping and hunting of innocent lives. (Wolfsong novella, PG-13, 2011 or 2012)

"Bittersweet Victory" Good news reaches Admiral Tattok about the fate of Starfleet officers taken captive by True Way... but there's also bad news. (vignette, G, July 2011)

"Pride and Prejudice" Columbia's crew learns about the liaison program, which doesn't sit well with tactical officer Rokha Tyrel. His dislike of Cardassians means having one on board will prove a challenge, both to his ability to remain professional and Captain Regan's ability to remain patient with his attitude. [Note: The opening of this story takes place before "The Trouble with Women", while the majority of it takes place after.](Columbia short novel, PG-13, July 2011)

"Hard Truth" All the twists and turns Tattok has been through in recent months forces him to make a tough decision. (vignette, G, July 2011)

"The Proposal" Valerie Markham does her best to command the 11th Fleet during Tattok's absence, and one young officer looks to the future. (short story, G, 2014)

"Return to Duty" Admiral Tattok returns to command the 11th Fleet once more, and Valerie Markham says her goodbyes to Cardassia. (short story, G, August 2016)

"Redeployment" Tattok learns that Starfleet Command and the Federation Council have designs on possibly disbanding the 11th Fleet—and he's already being reassigned. (vignette, G, October 2017)