Star Trek: Journey

Star Trek: Journey is the very first fan fiction series I ever created, some 20+ years ago. Though I ended up writing only a few stories for this ship and crew, I still love these characters and thought it only right that they should have their own series page. 



"That's What Friends Are For" The decades-long friendship between Jennara Stadi and Dareth begins with a day in the park. (short story, G, 2011)

"The Courtship of Alden Sumner" A Starfleet Intelligence operative's new assignment is one he'd rather not perform: keeping eyes on one of their own. (short story, G, 2004)

"The Beginning of a Beautiful Lie" Myrian Anil becomes acquainted with the charismatic Alden Sumner, completely oblivious to his hidden agenda. (short story, G, 2004) 

"Vice and Virtue" Serutian Hale is playing catch-up: With her studies; with her understanding of life's little ironies; and, mostly, with the handsome captain sitting across the room in her Advanced Tactical Training class. That doesn't mean, though, that the young Trill will go down without a fight. (novelette, PG-13, May 2003; crossover with Joseph Manno's Star Trek: Liberty)

"Changes" A seasoned captain and a new XO. An ion storm with incredible destructive power. A senseless tragedy. These things and more await the crew of the U.S.S. Journey on her maiden voyage. (Journey novella, PG, 2000)

"Merry Olde England" A brief conversation between two of Journey's officers, who discover they have something in common. [Note: This story takes place during "Changes," on the first evening after the ship's launch.](Journey vignette, G, 2000)

"The Village" The first planet Journey surveys on their mission in Sector 380 holds more than one surprise for the crew. (short story, PG, 2000)

"First Blood" A mission of mercy turns deadly, and deception is discovered in a member of the crew. (novelette, PG, 2000)

"New Responsibilities" A brief conversation piece where Captain Hale gives Dareth specific responsibilities. (vignette, G, 2000)