The Federation Archive

The Federation Archive is a collection of one-shot and spinoff stories featuring original and canon characters.

"Entrance Exams" Kellie Petersen is determined to join Starfleet to become a starship engineer. (Enterprise short story, G)

"Passings" An accident in the engine room leads to two crew deaths. Kellie Petersen learns what might have been. (Enterprise short story, G)

"The Third Charles Tucker" A spatial rift and an officer switch confounds the crews of Columbia and Atlantis. (Enterprise novelette, G)

"Just Call Me Scotty" After his rescue by the crew of a new Enterprise, Montgomery Scott becomes a man of leisure... but finds himself wondering what to do next. (The Next Generation vignette, G)

"Dead or Alive" Bounty hunters Beatrix Knight and Jodhaa Ra'kir start off the day by catching their quarry... and end it in a nightmarish battle with a deadly assassin. (√Čtoile Cheval novelette by Miranda Fave, PG-13, August 2011)

"Starting Over" Jodhaa Ra'kir acquires her own ship and puts together a small, motley crew, but nothing could have prepared her for her first grand adventure as captain. (Lyriq novella, PG-13, 2011)

"I'm All Right" Jodhaa recounts her first adventure as captain to her former boss and mentor, and does her best to assure Beks that she's recovering well after their terrible loss. (Lyriq/√Čtoile Cheval vignette, G, February 2015)

"Capable of Anything" Tal Celes thinks she's not good for anything, that she "just lives" on Voyager. But after a harrowing away mission in the company of Captain Janeway, she begins to rethink that belief, and boldly takes steps toward becoming the person she truly wants to be. (Voyager short story, G, June 2023)

"Until Next Time" Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the old saying goes. Twenty-two officers are pulled from the Ireland crew to serve aboard old ships that have been spent time as floating museums, including first officer Naoki Sulu. (Ireland vignette, PG, November 2016)

"Active Duty" Newly minted captain Naoki Sulu finds out which old ship will be hers and prepares for another tour of duty. [Note: This story begins in February and ends in July.](Republic novelette, G, February 2018)

"A Selfish Man" Brought back to life by futuristic technology, Joe Carey faces a choice: go back to Voyager... or go home. (Voyager novelette, G, May 2001)

"A Place Where I Belong" A bit of celebration at Voyager's long-awaited return to the Alpha Quadrant. (Voyager vignette, G, August 2018) 

"There Comes a Time" Jean-Luc Picard ponders the path of his future after receiving a personal request from Starfleet's Commander-in-Chief. (The Next Generation vignette, G)