Saturday, December 11, 2021

Canon, Books, and Legendary Universe

You might be wondering how Legendary Universe's continuity fits in with the canon universe. It might be best to start with the statement that all the televised series (including The Animated Series) and motion pictures are considered canon as regards to Legendary. The radically different events of the "Abramsverse" films are also canon but are not a part of the canon universe we've grown up with the last forty-nine years. They are, however, canon in a parallel universe. The destruction of Romulus—which is supposed to have happened in the "prime" universe—may be included here, but it’s several years into the future, so I’ve still got plenty of time to decide whether or not to include it at all.

"What about all those episodes of TV that were just plain stupid? What about the books? What about Star Trek Online? Do you consider other fan fiction series' as part of your universe?"

Good questions, all. The answer is that there will be certain elements from the five televisions series that I will simply not acknowledge. The same pretty much goes for all the books (of which I have only read a small fraction). I might incorporate some elements from the books, perhaps even some characters and species, but for the most part will not acknowledge the books at all. As for STO, I’ve currently no plans to include that timeline in my continuity, though I may eventually consider it just another of the many alternate universes.

In regard to other fan fiction series, I take the same stance as fellow fanfic writer Michael Gray, author of Star Trek: Dark Horizon—which is that if it appears on this website, it's canon in this continuity. This means stories written by other fanfic authors that include my characters, and stories written by me that include another author's characters. 

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