Sunday, August 2, 2020

Walkabout Class

General Information
Origin: Alpha Luna
Accommodation: 1 – 4 crew, 12 evacuation capacity
Class: Walkabout
Vessel Type: Cargo Transporter
Production Start Date: 2379
Production End Date: Still in Production
Expected Hull Life: 20 years

Length: 18.2 m
Width: 13.5 m
Height: 1.54 m
Decks: 1
Mass: 148.2 metric tons

Standard: 27,942.4 mps (15% of speed of light)
Medium: 47,000 mps (25% of speed of light)
Maximum: 93,000 mps (50% of speed of light)

2 x Micro torpedo launchers
2 x Type-VIII Phaser cannons

Defensive Systems
Standard Shield System
Low-Level Structural Integrity Field
Stressed Aluminum/Tritanium Single Hull w/ Quartz and Silica Tiling

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 year
Major: 5 years

1.) The Walkabout-class cargo transporter was designed by Colonel Alan Carter of Alpha Luna and Lt. Charlaine Tucker of Starfleet. The purpose of the craft was to supplement the 11 remaining Eagle Transporters in carrying crew and cargo to their destination, and were named in homage of the Starfleet Runabout, on which the design is based.

2.) The initial run of Walkabouts was made from existing Eagle Transporter parts recovered from crashed vehicles, and are also modular like their predecessors (the redesigned cargo pod can be exchanged for other pods reconfigured to fit the smaller exoframe). The weapons and shield systems were upgraded to Starfleet standard.

3.) The dimensions of this craft are based on speculation. It was designed by Nick Macarty and is used with permission.