Wednesday, August 5, 2020

H-Type Yacht

General Information
Origin: Nubian
Accommodation: 1 - 6
Class: H-Type Yacht
Production Start Date: 2350
Production End Date: Still in Production
Expected Hull Life: 75 years

Length: 47.9 m
Width: 8.1 m
Height: 7.1 m
Decks: 2

Warp Speeds
Normal Cruise: Warp 5
Maximum Cruise: Warp 7
Maximum Rated: Warp 8 (for 12 hours)


Defensive Systems
Layered Shield System
Reinforced Tritanuim Single Hull w/ Chromium Plating
Low Level Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary/Support Craft

Transporter Systems
1 x 2-person Personnel Transporter

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 year
Major: 5 years

The H-type yacht is manufactured standard without weapons systems. Many private owners, however, will request to have weapons installed (for a substantial fee).


These specifications were taken from the Legends article on Wookieepedia and may not match other sources. Trekified by Christina Moore.