Saturday, January 9, 2016

Unity-class Starbase

Defense-enhanced diplomatic complex and Starfleet outpost

Diameter: 8,909 m
Overall diameter: 12,462 m
Height: 11,500 m 
Decks: 500

Officers: 2,500
Crew: 6,500
Total: 9,000
Civilians: Up to 26,000
Max. Capacity: 35,000
Emergency Capacity: 50,000

Reactor System
4 x heavy antimatter reactors
4 x auxiliary fusion reactors

Computer System
Primary computer core
Secondary core computer
Tertiary core computer
LCARS operating system
Bioneural circuits with isolinear backups

480 x Type 13 phaser phalanxes
60 x Type 4 pulse phaser batteries (extendable)
50 x torpedo launchers (extendable)

Defensive Systems
Auto-modulating regenerative shield system
Polyduranide/Tritanium quad hull
10 cm Ablative armor

0 x Manned Transporter Stations
400 x Automatic Transporter Platforms (Vocal Destination Entry)
2 x magnetic tracks, each in the opposite direction in the outer docking ring.
16 x Shuttle Lifts
8 x Docking Masts
8 x Docking Ports

Support Craft
20 x Type-9 shuttles
20 x Type-8 shuttles
30 x Type-11 shuttles
20 x Danube-class runabouts
5 x Arrow-class shuttles (for VIP/diplomatic transport)
180 x Orcus-class starfighters (15 squadrons of 12)
100 x Workbees
100 x Greater rescue capsules

Not all stations of this class carry the same support craft compliment, nor do they have the same number of transporter stations. Like starships of the same class, modifications are often made to accommodate mission parameters.


These specifications were created by Joran Belar, co-designer of Unity One. Some minor alterations have been made by me for the purposes of the BtS universe.