Sunday, January 10, 2016

Regula-class Starbase

Deep space starship support facility and reconnaissance outpost

Diameter: 2,842 m
Height: 3,143 m
Overall height: 3,445 m
Decks: 290

Officers: 1,140
Crew: 4,560
Civilians: 6,000
Max. Capacity: 11,700
Emergency Capacity: 12,200
Evacuation Capacity: 12,700

Reactor System
1 x heavy antimatter reactor
1 x auxiliary fusion reactor

Computer System
Primary computer core
Secondary core computer
LCARS operating system
Isolinear circuit system

50 x Type XII Phaser arrays
4 x burst-fire torpedo launchers

Defensive Systems
High-capacity Shield System
Low-level Structural Integrity Field
Light Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull

Support Craft
1 x Internal Docking Bay (capacity up to 15 starships, depending on type)
12 x Shuttle Bays
36 x Type-8 Shuttles
26 x Type-9 Shuttles
10 x Type-10 Shuttles
10 x Type-11 Shuttles
6 x Danube-class Runabouts
30 x Valkyrie-class Starfighters (3 Squadrons of 10)
75 x Workbees
50 x Rescue Capsules


These specifications were taken from the Daystrom Institute Technical Library. Support craft compliment estimated by me.