Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Clawing my way back.

I've been slowly but surely working on a new story for BtS. Well, two new stories -- I've an Alpha Chronicles story that's mostly written sitting on my hard drive waiting for my Muse to get off her butt and help me finish it. But there's also one I started a few days ago for Messenger that I'm hoping to get back to work on soon. I'm stoked that one of my all-time favorite fan film actors granted me permission to feature his character in a small cameo in the story. The scene in question has been written and approved of by this gentleman, and I am excited about sharing it with you as soon as the story is finished.

Actually, come to think of it, I could say there are three stories in progress. There's one I started some years ago for a Border Patrol ship I never really did anything with (though the Blackfin did cameo in the Messenger story "New Life, New Civilization, Part One"), and it occurred to me recently that I could adapt the story for my new series. After all, it starts with a woman being promoted to first officer and reporting aboard her new ship. Though it will take some editing (character names, etc), I think I could make it work.

And speaking of the new series... Y'all know I used to refer to it as my "super-secret project", but I know it's not really a secret anymore. Well, you don't know all the details, so I suppose some of it is still secret... Anyhoo, I figure that after all this time, I would share a little information about it of which you may or may not already be aware. So here goes:

New series title
Star Trek: Legendary

End of 24th, start of 25th century

Follows the life and career of Charlaine Christina Tucker, a descendant of pre-Federation Starfleet officer Charles Tucker III (whom I consider a future cousin of mine many times removed, as my maternal grandfather's name was Charles Tucker). Stories will mainly feature Tucker's command of the U.S.S. Resolution, the first-of-the-line Resolution-class tactical vessel. An underlying theme of the series is that the main characters (and some recurring) are descended from families with a history of service to the Federation who want to step out from the shadows cast by their ancestors and become legends in their own right. Several of the younger crew will be the children of characters from previous series who are just beginning their own careers.