Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Starbase Echo Original Crew

Synnove Natale
Rank: Captain / Assignment: Commanding Officer
Species: Orion / Portrayed by: Angie Harmon

Hyasieth Zael'Izani
Rank: Commander / Assignment: Executive Officer
Species: Vastran / Neve Macintosh

Rank: Commander / Assignment: Senior Counselor
Species: Halanan / Portrayed by: Archie Panjabi

Jordan Tyler Kelley
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Strategic Defense Officer / Executive Officer
Species: Human / Portrayed by: Scott Foley

Trevor Zoito Whitehorse
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Assignment: Security Escort / Strategic Defense Officer
Species: Betazoid / Portrayed by: Tahmoh Penikett

Rank: Captain (Retired, Commission Reinstated)
Assignment: Chief Medical Officer
Species: Denobulan / Portrayed by: Gary Burghoff

Catherine Julia Ross
Rank: Lt. Commander / Assignment: Chief Science Officer
Species: Human / Portrayed by: Anne Hathaway

Four-Eleven and Four-Twelve
Rank: Lieutenant / Assignment: Senior Operations Officers
Species: Bynar

Adrienne Carmichael
Rank: Lieutenant / Assignment: Administrative Assistant to CO
Species: Human / Portrayed by: Karen Gillan

Rank: Lieutenant (JG) / Assignment: Transportation Officer
Species: Vulcan / Portrayed by: Chyler Leigh

Felicity Ann Bowman
Rank: Lieutenant (JG) / Assignment: Dockmaster
Species: Human / Portrayed by: Emma Watson

Dilik Zram
Rank: Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Assignment: Chief of Security
Species: Bolian / Portrayed by: Bruce Willis

Rank: Civilian Crewman / Assignment: Intelligence Officer
Species: Human-Romulan / Portrayed by: Justin Hartley

Amalys Tyr'lylth
Rank: Civilian Crewman / Assignment: Counselor
Species: Müus-á / Portrayed by: Bridget Regan