Sunday, January 10, 2016

Salgar Class

General Information
Origin: Cardassia
Accommodation: 34 crew, 15 passengers, 1,250-person evacuation limit
Classification: General Purpose Cargo Carrier/Military Transport
Production Start Date: 2362
Production End Date: Still in Production
Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Length: 255.65 meters
Width: 55.13 meters
Height: 63.21 meters
Decks: 12
Mass: 1,340,000 metric tons (estimated)

Warp Speeds
Standard Cruise: Warp 5
Maximum Cruise: Warp 6
Maximum Rated: Warp 6.53 for 4 hours

1 x Spiral-Wave Disruptor Bank

Defensive Systems
Standard Shield System
Light Monotanium Double Hull
Low-Level Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary Craft

Transporter Systems
2 x 6-person General Use
2 x 16-person Emergency Use
1 x Cargo in each cargo module
1 x Cargo in engineering section

Refit Cycle
Minor: 5 years
Standard: 5 years
Major: 20 years

1.) Between the command and engineering sections, the Salgar class is mission configurable with one to five cargo sections. 

2.) Each section is linked to six removable cargo modules approximately 60 x 23 x 23 meters in dimension.
3.) Cargo modules are specifically designed to carry the type of cargo desired.

4.) The name Salgar-class comes from the Star Trek Role Playing Game by Last Unicorn Games.

These specifications were taken from the Daystrom Institute Technical Library and may not match other sources.