Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nebula Class

General Information
Accommodation: 750 crew (200 officers, 550 enlisted); 130 visitors; 9,800-person evacuation limit
Classification: Enhanced Explorer
Production Start Date: 2353
Production End Date: Still in Production
Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Length: 442.23 m
Width: 318.11 m
Height: 130.43 m
Decks: 32
Mass: 3,309,000 metric tons

Warp Speeds
Normal Cruise: Warp 7
Maximum Cruise: Warp 9
Maximum Rated: Warp 9.9 (for 12 hours)

8 x Type-XII phaser arrays
1 x Pulse-fire quantum torpedo tube (forward)
2 x Type-III burst-fire torpedo tubes (forward)
4 x Standard photon torpedo tubes (2 forward, 2 aft)

Defensive Systems
Auto-modulated Shield System
Standard Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull w/ 9 cm High-Density Armor
Standard-Level Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary Craft
6 x Type-8 Shuttlecraft
6 x Type-9 Shuttlecraft
6 x Type-18 Shuttlepods
4 x Type-11 Shuttlecraft
3 x Danube-class Runabouts
4 x Sphinx Work Pods
6 x M1-A1 Work Bees

Transporter Systems
2 x 6-person General Use
1 x 22-person Emergency Use
2 x Cargo

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 year
Major: 20 years

1.) Argo-class runabouts may be carried in place of Danube-class runabouts, or there may be a mixed complement of both. 

2.) Nebula-class vessels may also carry up to 6 Valkyrie-class starfighters, but they would need to reduce their shuttle complement to make room for them in the main shuttle bay.

3.) Nebula-class starships built with the AWAC sensor pod have a mass of 3,575,000 metric tons. Beginning in 2370, all new Nebulas were/are built with the weapon pod as a standard and use of the AWAC pod has been discontinued. These specs are of the upgraded Nebula with the enhanced weapon pod.

4.) Nebulas with the weapon pod once could have that pod exchanged for other pods such as science lab, medical lab, or colony support as mission parameters dictated. As removal and attachment of pods was time-consuming, the practice has been discontinued.


These specifications were taken from the Daystrom Institute Technical Library ( and may not match other sources.