Sunday, January 10, 2016

Deneva Class

General Information
Origin: Federation
Accommodation: 2 to 12 crew
Classification: Freighter
Production Start Date: 2306
Production End Date: 2321 / Class remains in service
Expected Hull Life: 80 years

Length: 100.4 meters
Width: 52.8 m
Height: 18 m (20.1 with landing gear extended)
Decks: 4
Mass: 42,000 metric tons

Warp Speeds
Standard Cruise: Warp 6
Maximum Cruise: Warp 8.7 (for 22 hours)
Maximum Rated: Warp 9 (for 3 hours)

1 x Single-Mount Type-V Phaser Bank (fore)
2 x Single-Mount Type-VI Phaser Bank (aft)

Defensive Systems
Standard Shield System
Standard Duranium Single Hull
Mid-level Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary Craft
2 x Type-9 Shuttlecraft
4 X Work Bees

Transporter Systems
1x 6-person Personnel
2 x Cargo

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 year
Major: 18 years

The Deneva-class is capable of supporting up to three Modular Support Assemblies (MSAs), which attach to the ship between cargo support and impulse control. Each MSA in turn supports 12 separate cargo pods. In their standard configuration MSAs contain facilities for the most commonly shipped cargo in interstellar space: bulk freight, liquid fuel, various ores, dilithium, and foodstuffs. Stasis sealing is supported for foodstuffs.


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