Friday, January 8, 2016

Arrow-class Runabout

General Info
Type: Multi-role interstellar craft
Accommodation: 1 to 6 flight crew, up to 40 passengers (46 total)
Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Power Plant
2 x LF-9X4 Compact Linear Warp Drive Units
2 x FIB-3 Compact Impulse Units
4 x RCS thrusters

Length: 26 m
Width: 16.1 m (full wingspan)
Height: 5.4 m
Mass: 165.2 metric tons

Warp Speeds
Standard Cruise: Warp 4
Max Cruise: Warp 5
Max Rated: Warp 6 (for 24 hrs)

2 x Type-IX Phaser Emitters
2 x Micro-Torpedo Launchers

Defensive Systems
Auto-modulating Shield System
Light Tritanium Single Hull
Low-level Structural Integrity Field 

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 year
Major: 25 years