Friday, December 10, 2021

When fan fiction becomes legend...

Hey there, fellow Trekkies!

By now you may have noticed that the website's name and address changed. I promise there's as good a reason for this as the last time I changed it. You see, in a discussion with some fellow writers over the last several days, out of nowhere it began to bother me that BtS, the page's initials/shorthand, might be misconstrued as "behind the scenes" -- or it might be mistaken for a Korean pop music band.

Obviously, I don't want either of those scenarios to happen.

So I asked my fellow writers for some ideas on how to once and for all label my Trek universe with a name that would still cover all the series and other stories I have written over the years as well as what I planned to write in the future (really hoping that 2022 will be the year I get my new series going). One of them suggested I do what he did for his fan fics and tag "verse" onto the end of my main series title. For a hot minute, I wasn't really sure what my main series was, until I got to thinking that Star Trek: Legendary -- the upcoming series -- probably qualified as my "main" series, since it will feature the most stories and have connections to all the other series/collections, as well as to canon. But "Legendaryverse" just didn't work for me, until I considered how some fan film makers label their work. 

Thus, "Legendary Universe" was born, so to speak. I think it works perfectly. So now the website has a new name, a new URL, and a new FB address. The old website address should hopefully redirect to

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