Sunday, July 26, 2020

Narendra Class

Starbase 364, aka Narendra Station




Deep space colony support facility and supply manufacture/staging outpost


Diameter: 1,452 m

Height: 850 m

Overall height: 970 m

Decks: 260

Mass: 47,000,000 metric tons


Officers: 300

Enlisted: 1,200

Total Crew: 1,500

Max. Capacity: 6,500

Emergency Capacity: 9,000

Reactor System

3 x heavy antimatter reactor

3 x auxiliary fusion reactor

Computer System

Primary computer core

Secondary core computer

LCARS operating system

Bio-neural circuit primary relay system

Isolinear circuit auxiliary relay system

Transporter Systems

10 x 1-person Voice-Destination Entry Transporters

10 x 6-person Manned Personnel Transporters

25 x 22-person Manned Emergency Transporters


50 x Type-XIII phaser arrays

40 x Type-X pulse-fire rotary phaser cannons

50 x Burst-fire torpedo launchers

Defensive Systems

Auto-Modulating Regenerative Shield System

Light Polyduranide/Tritanium Double Hull

10 Centimeters Ablative Armor

Low-level Structural Integrity Field

Docking Facilities

4 x Shuttle Storage / Cargo Loading Bays

14 x Docking Ports

Support Craft

1 x Arrow-class Runabout

20 x Type-8 Shuttles

20 x Type-9 Shuttles

10 x Type-11 Shuttles

10 x Danube-class Runabouts

32 x Gryphon-class Starfighters

300 x 15-person Rescue Capsules

30 x Sphinx Workpods

25 x Workbees


1.) The class name of this starbase is an homage to Starbase 364 -- aka Narendra Station -- from the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game, for which it was designed. Specifications for the class are all conjecture, as no official specs could be located; they are largely based on the specs for the Nor-class.

2.) In the BtS universe, the Narendra-class starbase was designed as a scaled-down (in height only) version of the Spacedock series. These bases have a massive internal docking bay much like their larger "sister" stations.