Sunday, January 10, 2016

Va'leh Class

General Information
Origin: Andor
Accommodation: 3 to 5 crew, up to 18 passengers, 40-person evacuation limit
Classification: Mid-Bulk Transport
Production Start Date: 2306
Production End Date: 2326
Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Power Plant
Trace Compression Rotary Warp Reactor

Drive Systems
1 x Radion Accelerator Core (Impulse)
2 x 6V4-178-B31 Multi-Vector Turbines (Atmospheric/Warp)
36 RCS Thrusters

Length: 269 ft. 3 in.
Width: 170 ft.
Height: 78 in. 8 in. (Landing Gear Extended)
Decks: 4 (1 sub-deck)

Main Body
Length: 261 ft. 1 in.
Width: 68 ft. 10 in.
Height: 74 ft. 5 in.
Wingspan: 112 ft. 4 in. (to Engine Mounts)

Turbine Engines
Length: 62 ft. 8 in.
Width: 28 ft. 4 in.
Height: 29 ft. 6 in.

Empty: 282,500 lbs
Max Takeoff: 585,000 lbs
Max Payload: 164,900 lbs

Warp Speeds
Standard Cruise: Warp 6
Maximum Cruise: Warp 8
Maximum Rated: Warp 9 (for 6 hours)


Defensive Systems
Navigational Deflector Shields
Standard Duranium Single Hull
Standard Level Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary Craft
3 x Escape Pods
2 x Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Shuttles
1 x MF-813 Flying Mule

Transporter Systems

Refit Cycle
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 5 years
Major: 20 years

Other Equipment
2 x Magnetic Grappler Launchers
6 x Self-Powered Transmitter Buoys
Internal Cargo Winches

Entry/exit Points
1. Through the personnel door set in the cargo door when up.
2. Through the cargo door when down.
3. Dorsal EVA hatch over galley (access through small room on port/aft corner of galley).
4. EVA hatch accessed at middeck from the catwalk level, port and starboard.
5. Under nose EVA hatch (down stairs from bridge, open the floor hatch to the airlock, climb down ladder, close up the floor, use the EVA door).
6. Emergency dorsal EVA hatch above foreward walkway. (wall ladder up from the stairwell at the aft end of the foreward hallway).
7. Ventral "bomb bay" doors in cargo hold. (Airlock isn't really humanoid-oriented).
8. Shuttle airlocks, port and starboard.

1. The Va'leh-class MBT can carry a secondary cargo module which attaches directly ventral to the main cargo hold. When attached, it is typically accessed through the bomb bay doors.

2. A Trace Compression Drive's main feature is a rotary engine block. The engine block (or main reactor) must be continuously rotating in order to generate power for all the ship's systems; if any of the necessary components of the block fail, the block will not rotate and thus cannot generate power. Without a back-up generator system, all ship's functions, including life support, would fail within hours.

3. Series 1 through 3 of the Va'leh-class were built standard with navigational deflectors only. The Series 3 is capable of having her shield systems upgraded to full defensive shields. Series 1 through 3 are also unarmed, though private owners have been known to add weapons systems such as particle beam emitters, phasers, disruptors, and missile launchers.

4. Private owners have also been known to install small transporter platforms, most often for use by the crew and passengers.

This information was taken from the Official Serenity Blueprints produced by Quantum Mechanix, and were Trekified by Christina Moore and Miranda Fave.