Sunday, January 10, 2016

Corellia Class

General Information
Origin: Denobula – Jishnul Industries Shipyards
Crew: 6 – 18, Passengers: 20 in standard configuration, 100-person evacuation limit
Classification: Medium Endurance Freighter
Production Start Date: 2270 (Mark I)
Production End Date: 2355 (Mark IV)

Power Plants
One 650 plus Cochrane warp core (Mark I-III), 1000 Cochrane warp core (Mark IV)
One Quantor-Flux Fusion Reactor

Drive Systems
Two Long-Voltrans Tri-Arc Warp Field Generators
3 Dyne 577 Radial Atomizer Engines (Sublight)
8 Ventral/ 3 aft thrust vector exhausts (Atmospheric Flight)
42 RCS Thrusters

Length: 115 meters
Width: 42.61 meters
Height: 27.3 meters (not including antennae array)
Decks: 4 habitable

Empty: 379,500 lbs
Max Takeoff: 705,000 lbs
Max Payload: 314,500 lbs

Atmospheric: 900 kph
Sub-light: .75c without relativistic distortion
Standard Cruise: Warp 6
Maximum Cruise: Warp 8
Maximum Rated: Warp 8.3 (for 9 hours)
(Note: Some modified ships have reportedly reached Warp 9. However, this speed exceeds the rated structural integrity fields and is considered highly unsafe.)

Defensive Systems & Weaponry
Standard Navigational Deflectors. Optional Defensive Shield System.
Standard Duranium Single Hull (Mk I-III), Duranium/Tritanium Hull (Mk. IV)*
Standard Level Structural Integrity Field
Weapons: Varied – Standard version is unarmed. Options include: Point defense lasers and Tri-quad-phaser mounts. Owners have been known to adds additional weaponry such as Merculite missile launchers, particle-beam emitters, ion cannons, disruptors and rail-guns. (Note: Jishnul Industries, Inc. does not condone the addition of illegal weaponry to any spacecraft.)
* Many owners add Endurium or Carbonite plating to their vessels for increased protection.

Auxiliary Craft
None standard – owner provided
The cargo bay is designed to handle one small craft, plus there is an external docking port on the engineering section.
4 Escape pods
Forward cargo pod can detach and serve as an emergency landing craft (one-time use).

Deck Layout
Deck 1: Flight deck, Comm station, access to gun turrets/ dorsal airlock.
Deck 2: Main deck – Ship’s Galley / Mess / Lounge, Captain’s quarters, crew berths, Sick bay..
Deck 3: Engineering, Main cargo deck, Engineer’s quarters, Additional berths.
Deck 4: Half deck for additional cargo areas and ship systems, Landing struts, Deuterium storage, access to gun turret, ventral airlock.

Refit Cycle
Minor: 18 months
Standard: 5 years
Major: 25 years
Expected hull life: 125 years

Computer Core: Standard – Daystrom Mk VIII, Optional – OmniSense 1000
Gravimetric cargo crane
Transporter alcove (Cargo / 2 person)
Internal cargo winches
Optional external tractor beam

These specifications were taken from Wookieepedia, were Trekified by Miranda Fave and The Lone Redshirt, and may not match other sources.